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Home Zone Control Systems

If you have a traditional forced–air air conditioning and heating system like a central AC unit or a furnace, then you’re likely only able to set one temperature for your entire home. This means that if you’re only using one area of the house, you still have to cool or heat the rest of the home in order to stay comfortable. But that’s where zone control systems come in. They allow you to set different zones of your home that can be cooled or heated independently of each other.

Texas Central Air has a full offering of zone control system services including installation, repair, and replacement, if you’re ready to take control of your air conditioner and heater. Our Houston, TX zone control system technicians are highly trained and we offer a 1–year guarantee on all the labor that we do. We’re available 24/7 for emergency HVAC services so give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly zone control specialists about any services that you need.

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281-727-0327 We provide experienced technicians and also a 1–year guarantee on all of our labor so that you can rest assured that you’re getting good quality services.

Houston, TX Zone Control System Installation

Zone control systems can be retrofitted into existing ductwork using a series of dampers. At Texas Central Air, we offer fast and good quality zone system installation services. Our Houston, TX zone system installation technicians will help you find the right type of zone system for your home. From there, we’ll also work with you into developing the different zones of your home so that you can maximize your energy usage as well as your comfort.

Once we’ve figured out which areas of your home you want as your zones, we’ll install dampers in your ductwork that will guide the cooled or heated air throughout your home into the various zones. We’ll wire the dampers to a central control panel or thermostat that will allow you to control which zones get conditioned air or not.

Houston, TX Zone Control System Repair Services

Like any other component of your air conditioning and heating systems, your zone control system can eventually break down. If you notice that you aren’t getting enough cooling or heating in certain zones, or you start to hear noises coming from your ductwork, call Texas Central Air for zone control system repair services in Houston, TX. We can fix any problem that you might be having and we guarantee our labor for a year.


Zone Control System Replacement Service

If the time has come for you to get a new zone control system, call Texas Central Air for zone control system replacement service. We’ll help you find a good system to replace your current one with and then we’ll make sure that it gets installed quickly and with good quality. We’ll remove your old system as well so that you can start enjoying the comforts of your home again.

Zone Control System Specialists

Whether you’re ready for zone control system installation or you need repairs or replacement for your current system, and then just call the Houston, TX zone control system specialists at Texas Central Air. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and will make sure that you zone control system works well and is serviced with the level of quality that you deserve.