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Commercial Air Conditioner & Heater Maintenance Program

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement Major Benefits

  • Quarterly Service
  • Over 25 Points of Work performed– See Agreement
  • Never Pay overtime charges for after–hours repair.
  • Receive Priority Service during Peak Summer and Winter– your call is moved to the front of the line.
  • Keep your equipment running efficiently– This Save you Money.

Enjoy the same benefits as many other Houston Area air conditioner repair clients, become a Texas Central Air, Air Conditioner and Heater Maintenance Agreement Customer.

​How Our A/C Maintenance Agreement Works

How does the air conditioning maintenance agreement improve the health of my air conditioning / heating system and my pocketbook?

  • Quarterly inspection of heating and cooling system allow for minor issues to be diagnosed and resolved before they can cause a problem during extreme weather, especially Houston’s summer heat.
  • Includes Quarterly air filter and blower belts replacement
  • It comes with a one year "warranty" on repairs to the heating / cooling system. If the same part fails within the year, it’s at our expense, not yours.*
  • You will never pay overtime charges for an air conditioner or heating system breakdown after hours.
  • You save on system replacement. When it’s time to replace your air conditioning system, maintenance agreement members receive a 10% discount. ***
  • Maintenance Agreement Check–Up Scheduling. We’ll keep track of your check–ups and contact you to schedule a convenient appointment time.
Exception: If a repair is covered under the manufacturer warranty, that warranty applies.