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Duct Sealing

For forced–air systems like central AC, furnaces and heating pumps, the ductwork is like the veins and arteries of the system: it delivers all of the cooled or heated air throughout your home. However, Energy Star estimates that in the typical home, up to 20% of the conditioned air can leak out because of holes and cracks in the ducts. This is not only incredibly wasteful but it could also greatly reduce the comfort in your home. Texas Central Air offers fast, accurate and good quality duct sealing services in Houston, TX. We understand how important your ducts are to your home’s comfort and efficiency, which is why our highly trained Houston, TX duct sealing technicians are dedicated to the quality of workmanship that they provide on every job. To prove how confident we are in their services, we offer a 1–year guarantee on all of our labor. Call us today if you’re having any problems with your ductwork or you suspect that you need to have your ducts sealed.

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281-727-0327 We provide experienced technicians and also a 1–year guarantee on all of our labor so that you can rest assured that you’re getting good quality services.

​Signs You Need Duct Sealing Services

Duct Sealing Services Houston, TX

Your ducts are probably installed out of sight in your crawl space or attic, which makes it very hard to tell if they need to be sealed. But there are a few signs that astute homeowners can listen and watch for that could indicate that you need to call for duct sealing services in Houston, TX.


As the air travels through your leaking ducts it could start to make a few different sounds. Whistling, hissing, rattling, and flapping are all different sounds that your ducts might make if they’re leaking air.


If you have holes in your ducts, it could also allow odors from outside in as well. Musty odors as well as foul smells could indicate that you need duct sealing services in Houston, TX.

Hot and cold spots

If your ducts are leaking air out, it likely means that the cooled or heated air isn’t getting to its intended target. This could cause some rooms of your home to get plenty of conditioned air while others don’t get enough.


Finally, if you notice your energy bills are increasing even though you aren’t using your AC or heating system any more than usual, it could be a sign that you are leaking air outside.

​Benefits of Getting Duct Sealing Services

​Benefits of Getting Duct Sealing Services in Houston, TX

So what do you actually get from sealing your ducts? Here’s a quick run–down of some of the benefits. First, you’ll likely notice that your AC or heating system is much more effective. When the system kicks on, it should be able to cool or heat your home much faster. This is because it doesn’t have to make up for all the air that it’s leaking outside constantly.

You should also see a reduction in energy usage. Because you’re keeping more of the conditioned air inside your home, the system requires less fuel or electricity to operate. Finally, you should experience a great increase in comfort. If some parts of your home haven’t been getting enough cooling or heating, you should improvements after your ducts are sealed.

Duct Sealing Services

​Houston, TX Duct Sealing Services

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