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Air Filter / Cleaner Services

Every homeowner strives to make their house as energy efficient as possible, which usually means trying to keep any inside air from leaking outdoors. While this is a great way to keep more energy in your home, it can also allow many different types of indoor air pollutants to build up in your home’s air. That’s where air cleaners come in. Texas Central Air is the company to call if you need any air cleaner installation, repair, or replacement. Our highly–trained Houston, TX indoor air quality technicians can help you find a great air cleaning solution for your home and then get it installed quickly and with good quality. Already have an air cleaner? If it isn’t working well, we’ll fix the issue so that you can get back to enjoying the comforts of your home. We guarantee all of our labor for 1 year so that you can know that you’re getting the best possible service we can deliver. Call today to talk with one of our friendly Houston, TX air cleaner specialists about any services you need.

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281-727-0327 We provide experienced technicians and also a 1–year guarantee on all of our labor so that you can rest assured that you’re getting good quality services.

​Air Filters vs. Air Purifiers

​Air Filters vs. Air Purifiers in Houston, TX

If you’ve done any research about air cleaning systems then you may have discovered that there are a number of different types including air filters and air purifiers. So what’s the difference between the two? Here’s a quick explanation.

Air Filters

Air filters use a dense material such as fiberglass to capture indoor air pollutants and remove them from the air supply. These types of filters are given a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) that describes how efficient they are at removing pollutants. For example, HEPA filters usually have a MERV rating somewhere between 18 and 20 while the air filters for your home are closer to 10. Some of these filters can be washed and cleaned in order to remove the contaminants that they’ve filtered while others need to be replaced.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers also remove contaminants from your home’s air but in a much different way. Instead of using a dense material, they apply an electric charge to the particles in the air through bi–polar ionization. The particles loose their charge and collect as larger clusters which can be captured by air filtration devices. This technology is used by NASA, Methodist Hospital Houston, Schools, Industrial Manufacturing, In VOC reduction etc.

Air Cleaner Installation

​Houston, TX Air Cleaner Installation

Most air cleaning systems need to be installed in an area where they can interact with as much of your home’s air as possible. For this reason, they are often installed in your ducts or in the air handler of your air conditioning and heating system. These areas allow them to filter much of the air that is moving into your home. This process should always be handled by a professional so call the Houston, TX air cleaner installation pros at Texas Central Air today. We’ll not only install your new air cleaner for you, but we can also help you find the best system for your home.

 Air Cleaner Repair Services

​Houston, TX Air Cleaner Repair Services

Anytime your run your AC or heater, your air cleaners are working hard too. This wear and tear can eventually lead to the need for air cleaner repair services in Houston, TX. Clogged filters, loose duct connections, and leaks are all common issues that can happen. Texas Central Air can handle any problem that you might be having.

Air Cleaner Replacement Service

Air Cleaner Replacement Services in Houston, TX

If you’ve moved into a new home that has an old, non–functioning air cleaner or your current system is old and breaking down a lot, call Texas Central Air for air cleaner replacement service in Houston, TX. We can fix any problem that you might be having and we can work on any type or brand of air cleaner that you might have. We know that there are a lot of different options on the market and we’ll help you find the perfect system for your home.

Air Cleaner Specialists

Houston, TX Air Cleaner Specialists

Give us a call here at Texas Central Air even if you just have some basic questions about air cleaners. We can provide you with a full range of Houston, TX air cleaner services including installation, repair, and replacement. Increasing the quality of your home’s air is a great way to reduce allergic reactions and asthma symptoms.