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The Different Types of HVAC Systems

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05 Dec 2017
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To ensure a comfortable time in your home or workplace, one of the most things is having an HVAC system installed there. Unless you want to sweat it out during the warm, sunny days of the summer or freeze yourself to death in the winter, having an HVAC system installed at your home or workplace is crucial.

Fortunately, most people realize this and have an HVAC system installed at their residence or place of work. But, there is one problem: the majority of them have little knowledge of the HVAC system, which prevents them from investing in the right system for their needs. If you’re among such people, then you need to read on because we are going to reveal the different types of HVAC systems and what can be achieved with them.

Heating and A/C Split Systems

This is the most common type of HVAC system installed in homes. Classic heating and A/C system, split systems consist of hardware present both inside and outside of the home. However, the internal and external hardware of this system work in tandem to keep a property appropriately cooled or heated. This HVAC system comprises of a thermostat, ducts, a fan, furnaces to get the place, and A/C to cool refrigerant. In some homes, there may be some optional features as well such as UV lamps, humidifiers and purifiers.

Hybrid Split System

A step better than the aforementioned-HVAC system, the hybrid split system is slightly different than it in the sense that it contains a heat pump that gives an opportunity to the furnaces to be fueled electrically as opposed to by gas. Generally, the components of the hybrid HVAC system include thermostats, ducts, fans, and heat pumps—components that you will find the split system as well.

Duct-Free HVAC System

You may or may not know this but ducts aren’t required for all HVAC systems. The duct-free system is the best option in places where ducts cannot be installed. Even when you don’t have ducts, you can ensure the desired temperature in your home or workplace with the duct-free HVAC system. Available in various sizes, duct-free systems contain a thermostat, fan coil, and a heat hump.

Packaged Heating and Air Systems

This HVAC is the best option for homes with limited space or not enough space to house all of a split system’s components. Containing the same features in a single appliance, this HVAC system ensure the proper heating or cooling of each room in a home. Components of this system include a thermostat, fan coil, evaporator, and an A/C/ heat pump combination.