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The 3 Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

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13 Jan 2018
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Want to set the thermostat differently for each room? With Zoned HVAC systems, you can do just that. By allowing you to separate the different areas of your home or office, a zone system allows you to better manage the air flowing from your HVAC system. To put it simply, zone systems allow each area of your home to have its own temperature settings that you can easily control.

Several HVAC units are employed by the above HVAC system for your home or office and each unit can have its own unique temperature. Additionally, for ultimate customization, it is possible to install a different unit in each room. However, this is not always required. Whether you go with this option or not, you will get the following three benefits by having a zoned HVAC system installed at your space.

1.Energy Savings

The energy savings enjoyed by homeowners is one of the greatest reasons to have a zoned HVAC system installed at your premises. Homeowners can lower their energy bills by over 30% thanks to the Energy Saver mode and programmable thermostats of the zone control HVAC.

By not requiring you to cool or heat the rooms not being used, zoned HVAC’s save you energy and this has a direct positive impact on your monthly energy bill. With zone control HVAC, you pay for only what you use. Also, this HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard as other HVAC systems to produce the desired air, which ensures its longevity.


With a Zoned HVAC system, you can customize the temperature in different rooms of your home based on how frequently you use them. Instead of having to cool and heat each room equally, you get to decide the temperature to set in each room. This means that you keep your garage cooler than your bedrooms or your living rooms warmer than your bedrooms.

When have a Zoned HVAC system installed, each zone or area in your home will have duct dampers that you can regulate using the zone’s own thermostat. Also, if there is a room in your home that you hardly use, then you can turn off the HAVC system for that zone altogether. This will help you save energy and ultimately money.

3.Improved Comfort

You can make the zoned HVAC as sophisticated or simple as you want it to be. Also, you have complete control over the temperature in your home by using the programmable thermostat and smartphone apps. The ability to customize the temperatures with this HVAC system ensures that you set a temperature in a room based on how frequently it is used, ensuing there is no unnecessary usage of energy. Additionally, the customization feature of this HVAC ensures a comfortable temperature for everyone in your home.