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Space Heater Safety Tips

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26 Mar 2022
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Space heaters have caused more than a few deaths and serious injuries in the past few years. To prevent potentially deadly mistakes when using a space heater in chilly winter months, we have come up with these tips that you can follow.

1. Look out for the Signs of Malfunction

Newer and updated versions of space heaters generally contain safety features that prompt them to turn off when something goes wrong, while older models do not.

On gas heaters, checking the shade of the flames is a good indicator to know if they are working efficiently. An orange flame indicates that the appliance is malfunctioning and should be shut off immediately.

2. Use a Wall Outlet

Make sure you do not plug in a power strip with your space heaters! Using a wall outlet for a space heater is preferable. It would be best not to plug the heater into the same socket as other electrical equipment.

If a space heater is connected to a power strip, there is a risk of overheating and catching fire due to the additional electrical current it creates.

3. Remove Overheating Space Heaters

Turn off and disconnect your space heater as soon as possible if its power cable gets hot to the touch. Do not re-plug the space heater until you have had it inspected by a professional appliance repair technician.

Consider purchasing a new heater if you have had your current one for a long time. Do not give away the space heater overheating to a charitable organization or leave it outside.

4. Do Not Leave It on Overnight

Use a space heater sparingly, and do not leave it on for long periods. With its inability to maintain a consistent temperature for extended periods and the resulting increased energy costs, space heaters can be deadly if not closely managed.

The heater should not be left on for the entire night or day while you are away. Small kids or dogs might inadvertently come into contact with the scorching surface or trip over the cable.

Therefore, do not forget to switch off a space heater before leaving your room.

5. Keep Water Away from the Heater

It is best to keep your space heaters away from water, as they do not mix well. When using space heaters in bathrooms, make sure they are water-resistant models.

Never dry your clothing or bed linens using a space heater since the fabric might catch fire and cause a significant safety concern.

6. Do Regular Inspection and Maintenance

When you first buy a space heater, it is good to check it out. It would help if you kept it clean and well-maintained to guarantee its proper operation.

Unplug the heater after closing it down and disconnecting it. To limit the spread of dust and allergies, use a cloth or vacuum to clean the exterior of your home.

Wrapping Up

A space heater is a great method for creating a warm and cozy living environment when it's freezing outdoors. Even though incorrectly utilized space heaters can be dangerous, they can also be a quick and easy way to augment the central heating system of your home when you use them the right way.