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Importance of Condenser Unit in An HVAC System

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11 Feb 2018
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Structural designs are developed in such a manner that one can’t spend a comfortable time indoors without an effectively working HVAC system. In summers, we want our interiors chilled to creating a comfortable atmosphere. To get a cooled down interior, air conditioner must be successfully expelling hot air from the inside to the outside environment.

In scientific jargon, the process is called refrigeration and it can’t be accomplished if the condenser unit of an HVAC system is not working properly. A unit fitted outside and blows warm air is called condenser unit.

Since condenser unit is doing its job from the ‘backstage’, therefore it often gets ignored in maintenance and repair routines of an HVAC system. For that reason, in this blog we will try to highlight the importance of a condenser unit for its better maintenance and care so that your HVAC system can faultlessly run for a long time.

Condenser unit performs one of the three basic operations of air conditioning

Any air conditioning system works through three operations i.e. evaporation, compression and condensation. And condenser unit is responsible to carry out the last step of condensation. In condenser unit, heat-laden refrigerant passes through coils and gets cooled down and condensed into liquid form through a blowing fan.

This liquid refrigerant then goes back to the evaporator unit to repeat the cycle. If condenser unit doesn’t condense the refrigerant to its liquid form, then the whole cycle of air conditioning will be disrupted.

Poorly working condenser unit = warm air inside

How would you feel if you are getting warm air from your air conditioning unit during the peak of summers? You will definitely be excruciated. Paying hefty energy bills to get warm air when mercury is already soaring is not anyone’s plan. But it certainly can happen if the condenser unit of your air conditioning system is not working.

It happens because whole of the refrigerant is not effectively getting condensed, resulting in the entrapment of the warm air inside. If you are facing such an unfortunate scenario, then immediately call for professional HVAC contractors to look into the problem.

If you want to increase the operational life of your entire HVAC unit, then it is important to have regular inspection of your condenser units. There are few things you have to scrutinize for a working condenser unit.

  • Make sure that its fan is bowing the air at its optimal. A decelerated fan speed directly affects the cooling capabilities of an air conditioned unit.
  • Check for the leaks in and around the unit. Often refrigerant leaks from the coiling of the unit. Leakage of refrigerant gradually slows down the air conditioning capacity of your system.
  • Since condenser units are placed outside, therefore they are exposed to extremities of weather and other factors. Steer clear any debris and dust around it. Fallen stems and other such solid objects can bend the fan blades.