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HVAC Troubleshooting Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

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06 Jul 2021
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Being a homeowner comes with several responsibilities that you need to take care of. Apart from mortgage payments, it is also your job to look after household technology and systems and ensure that they are running properly and with efficiency. One of these systems is your HVAC system, an often ignored component that makes your home which also results in your paying more than needed to get it fixed.

Since this system is a crucial part of your house’s ecosystem, ensuring appropriate temperatures and quality air, you need to be very mindful of it.

Here are some HVAC troubleshooting tips that every homeowner should know.

Cleaning Air Filters

Want to know what is even easier than replacing air filters? It is cleaning them. Inefficient HVAC performance is often attributed to clogged-up filters. This results in the system being overworked and causing you more money and time to get the kind of temperature you need. Simply, with a cloth, blower, or toothbrush, thoroughly aim at removing the dirt from the filters. You will end up avoiding half of the related HVAC issues with this troubleshooting tip.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

Outdoor units are more exposed to dirt and dust. Leaves and other forms of debris can accumulate easily, and you need to make sure that doesn’t happen. The flow of air can be obstructed, thereby depriving your indoors of quality air. Dirty air makes its way inside, growing chances of infections and skin diseases. Open the air condenser unit and flush out all the debris. Also, remove any additional vegetation that you believe is the cause or can cause your HVAC to get overworked.

Dirty Indoor Vents, Registers, and Ducts

Air is circulated throughout your home through vents, ducts, registers. Small substances can sometimes make their way through and can cause obstruction, limiting airflow and creating dirt build-ups that can later down the road become very difficult to get rid of. Try a scheduled cleaning on your own, using necessary materials to clean the vents, registers, and ducts. However, cleaning these three can get complicated, which is why we recommend professional cleaners who will get the job done much faster and more efficiently.

Monitor Your Thermostat

Some problems HVAC owners face arise, more often than not, from broken or malfunctioning thermostats. Two, figure out whether your thermostat is broken or not working, check if your HVAC is working, or if the circuit breakers are on and still there is no output. The ultimate solution to fixing a broken thermostat is to replace its batteries, really. You should be fine later.

Circuitry and Power Supply

All electrical supply cords, you must make sure, are in place. Do an inspection whenever you can spare the time. Power overload can also cause circuit breaks. Breakers and switches can also be, sometimes, accidentally turned off. Circuitry and Power Supplies also fall prey to load-shedding. Make sure you don’t live in an area where there are power failures. And also, make sure no switches are off, and no wiring is cut.