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How to Replace Your Air Vent Covers?

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27 Apr 2022
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Air vent covers may become clogged with dust after an extended usage of an air conditioner. You will either have to clean it or replace it at this point. This guide will teach you how to change the air conditioner's vent covers or grilles.

You may begin by measuring the length and breadth of the air conditioning vents with a ruler. Then, purchase an air conditioner vent cover in the matching size either online or in-store.

Wearing a mask to avoid dust inhalation is recommended for your safety. You can easily replace a heating vent cover if it is missing or if you find it unappealing and feel like it needs to be upgraded.

Before starting the process of installation, make sure to thoroughly clean all the vents. For a quick and painless setup, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Remove the Vent First

Use your screwdriver to remove any anchoring screws to remove an existing vent. Assuming that it fits snugly, you may need to wiggle the vent out of the way.

The vent may be opened with a flathead screwdriver, if necessary. Gloves are a good idea, as the vent's edges might be rough or pointy.

Step 2: Take a Measurement

To determine the proper size for a new vent, measure the existing aperture on the floor or ceiling. You also need to measure the opening.

The bottom of the existing vent, the part that fits within the aperture, can also be measured. Make sure that the new covers are the correct size.

Think about purchasing enough decorative replacement covers to cover all of the vents in your home.

Step 3: Clean the Vent

Any big things that are visible via the vent ducts should be removed. Remove any leftover filth, dust, or debris using your vacuum. Put the vacuum's hose as far into the vent as feasible.

Step 4: Insert Anchors

For additional security, place plastic anchors into the holes where you previously inserted screws. It is possible that pre-drilling the holes for the new vent's screws will make the installation go more smoothly.

Step 5: Replace the Vent

You should insert the replacement vent into the vent space of the floor or ceiling register. Vent placement may need some ductwork reworking to ensure that it is flush with the hole's opening and with the floor or ceiling.

The ducting may need to be bent back into form to fit the new vent, or the opening widened somewhat.

Wrapping Up

If you're worried that the covers on your air vents are looking shabby or worn, you may replace them with a new set by following the instructions provided above.

Even a novice may complete this task in minutes. In addition to covering a dangerous hole in your floor, a new vent cover may also improve the look of your home.

A range of decorative vent covers is available in several styles to fit your home's decor.