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6 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

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26 Mar 2022
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The indoor environment can have more pollution than the outside. Check out these tips that we have come up with for better indoor air quality if you do not want many pollutants getting into your lungs.

Let's get started!

1. Have a Dusting Routine

Dusting appears to be an easy activity at first thought. As long as you use the right tools and procedures, you will be fine. To do otherwise would be to just spread dust around with no real benefit to the surface.

It would be best to collect as much dust as possible using efficient and modern cleaning equipment that uses microfiber cloths. The usage of chemicals can also be avoided while cleaning with a microfiber cloth, which is fantastic news for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

2. Provide Adequate Airflow

Turn off your heating and air conditioning systems whenever feasible and open your windows to bring fresh air into the house.

The air vents must be unobstructed at all times. It is best to avoid placing furniture in front of air vents to keep your house from becoming stiflingly hot.

Indoor plants are also a wonderful addition to your house. By collecting carbon dioxide from the air and giving out oxygen into the atmosphere, they not only provide a soothing visual experience but may also help to improve the quality of your home's interior air.

3. Vacuum Your Carpets and Rugs Regularly

Germs, cockroaches, dust mites, and dog allergies are abundant in places where people play, sit, and sleep. Vacuuming routinely and properly is the greatest method to maintain your upholstery, tables, and carpets free of pet hair and dust.

A puff of dust may be seen in the air when dusting your sofa or playing with a cushion. Vacuuming regularly is a simple method to prevent particle pollution in the house, as this dust can remain in the air and be inhaled.

4. The Air Filters Should Be Inspected and Cleaned if They Are Clogged

There are several ways to use air filters to help you remove contaminants from the air. It would be best to get it serviced or replaced every three months to ensure optimal functioning.

You should go for filter maintenance twice a year if you have pets or family members with serious allergies or respiratory issues.

5.Take Advantage of Steam and Water

Cleansing with water and steam is both beneficial and hygienic. Dusting requires a microfiber cloth dampened with a small amount of water.

Using a quality steam cleaner instead of harsh chemicals is a great method to clean floors without contaminating the air. It may need to be cleaned more frequently.

This way, the air you inhale is being protected. Therefore, it is a little price to pay in the great scheme of things.

6. Plasma Air Ionization Air Purifier

Install Plasma Air Ionization air purification to kill mold, bacteria, virus, and odors. This can help with Asthma and other breathing conditions, and also reduce pet odors. Many people notice the difference immediately.

Wrapping Up

Poor indoor air quality can affect everyone's health and well-being, including yours and those around you. However, by making it a priority to adhere to the above advice, you can enhance your home's overall air quality.