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6 Signs of Damaged Ductwork

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02 Jan 2022
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If your HVAC system is the heart of your house, then the ductwork is the arteries. When these don't work at their optimum level, they may be causing problems and costing you more. Considering how vital ductwork is, it is important to keep a close eye on them.

When ductwork is damaged, it can lead to air leaks, lower efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and higher utility bills. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to spot damaged ductwork. But there are some warning signs of damaged ductwork that can help you determine whether you are in need of duct replacement services.

Signs of Damaged Ductwork

If you spot any of these signs in your air ducts, it might be time to get them repaired or replaced.

1. Noisy HVAC

While it is normal for an HVAC system to make noise, you must inspect it if it is making whistling or rattling noises, especially from the air ducts. This typically indicates a problem with ducts, such as holes, which can worsen if not fixed.

2. High Energy Bills

Damaged ductwork leads to air escaping from the ducts. This might lead to higher energy bills since the HVAC system is inefficient and has to work harder to provide you with the proper heating and cooling. As a result, your energy bills will also be higher.

3. Improper Heating and Cooling

Another sign of damaged ductwork is when you notice that one room is cooler or warmer than the other. This is because the ducts are faulty and are not providing even heating or cooling to the entire house. It could also mean that air is escaping from the ducts.

You can verify this by using an indoor thermometer. If it shows completely different readings in different rooms, you must inspect the ducts immediately.

4. Tangled Ducts

Tangled ducts may also be causing problems in your ductwork and higher energy bills. They can get tangled due to various reasons, such as heavy objects falling on them. They commonly get tangled in basements, garages, or attics. Tangled ducts restrict airflow and should be inspected and fixed immediately.

5. Debris around the Ducts

Over time, the air coming from the ducts can get dirty. This is normally caused by small insects, dirt, lint, and hair. The dirty air will also eventually leave marks on the inside of the ducts. All of this indicates ductwork damage that should be resolved immediately.

6. Presence of Mold and Mildew

If you smell or mold or mildew every time you switch on your HVAC system, this is a sure sign of damaged ductwork. This should be resolved immediately since mold can be a significant health risk for you and your family.