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We had a great experience with Texas Central Air (TCA). We were told by a different A/C and Heating company that we needed to replace both our furnaces and air conditioning units in order for the systems to run more efficiently. The furnaces most likely had cracked heat exchangers, which meant that there was a potential for carbon monoxide poisoning, and our air conditioning units would freeze in the Houston summers. For safety reasons, and since the systems were almost 19 years old, we decided it was best to purchase 2 new furnaces and 2 new air conditioning units. When we received our first quote from the other company, it was extremely high! We decided to "shop" around and contacted TCA for a quote. They came out that same day and gave us a quote that was $6,000 LESS! Not only was the quote a lot less, the equipment we were quoted on was an "upgrade" of the equipment quoted from the first company. Additionally, when we called, there was a cold front, and we asked if TCA could come out as quickly as possible. Literally, on a half a day's notice, they came and installed all of the systems in our house. An added benefit of going through TCA was there was a financing option, so replacing all the furnaces and air conditioning units didn't hit us in the pocketbook all at once. To make a long story short, TCA took care of us, and we felt that they installed top notch equipment and delivered excellent customer service. Thank you TCA!

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