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Things to Consider when Replacing an Old Heater

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21 Mar 2017
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Depending on the type of heater, a central heating system for a home can last from ten to over thirty years. (Proper maintenance and timely repairs will help it reach the upper end of the age spectrum.) Chances are strong that you’ll have to make at least one heater replacement, and the time might arrive soon if you inherited an aging heater with your home.

Having a new heater installed can feel intimidating. It’s a big task, and you want to make sure you have the right system. To make everything easier, contact the professionals at Texas Central Air. Heating installation in Houston, TX is one of our specialties, and we’ll make certain you end up with the heater that will keep you warm for many years to come.

A few things to consider when it’s replacement time

  • Changing to a new type of heater: Just because you had a furnace before doesn’t mean you need have a furnace again. And just because you had an electrical heater before doesn’t mean you have to stay with electric power. Now is the ideal time to find out if you might benefit from installing a different kind of heating system. Changing over to a heat pump from a furnace can bring you larger savings. Switching from a heat pump to a furnace gives you greater heating power. Be sure to go over your choices with your installation professional.
  • Going ductless: If you’ve always believed that ducts were necessary for forced-air systems, you may find it a shock that ductless forced-air heaters exist, and many people love them. These systems are heat pumps that use individual blower units mounted in separate rooms in your house to send in the conditioned air, eliminating the need for ducts that can lose heat or pick up dust. This will work wonderfully if you are planning remodeling in the future.
  • Investing in a high-efficiency system: If you plan to replace your old system with one of a similar type, consider looking into a high-efficiency system with increased AFUE or SEER/HSPF. These heaters cost more than less efficient units, but if you use them long enough they will pay off tremendously in savings. Check with your technicians first to see if a high-efficiency system is the most economical match with your energy use habits.

Trust installation to professionals

Texas Central Air has served the Great Houston Area for over a decade. You’ll find us eager to help you find the furnace that will replace your current one so that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Make us your choice for heating installation in Houston, TX today.