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Solutions to Common HVAC Troubles

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14 Apr 2017
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We all realize that an Air Conditioning system in our homes is a huge blessing. The one system that alone handles the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in our homes is so important. An system consists of various heating, ventilation and cooling components that work together as a team, and if any one of those components fails to function properly, the whole system can shut down.

In order for system to function smoothly, it's essential that all components are in good condition and are working properly. Below is a list of common troubles that people face when with systems, along with possible solutions.

Capacity is one of the most common problems is the unit running but performing below capacity. This means unit may cool but only partially, units are designed to cool incoming air down 18-20F. This is often a result of low refrigerant levels or worse, worn components like compressors or heat exchangers, and possible refrigerant restrictions within system.

Another issue can be motor overheating. Due to overheating of the motor and compressors, they can altogether shut down. A blown fuse is one of the first signs of such a problem in the system. This may be result of a motor that is faulty and using excessive electricity.

Filters not only to keep the pollutants out but to keep the unit healthy. People tend to get careless when it comes to filters; this leads to dirt getting stuck in the filters. And once the filters eventually get clogged, they restrict airflow to the system and causes other issues. So it's important to keep them changed regularly, especially during peak cooling season.

Leakage in the ducts are common but can occur in other components too. The return side as well as the supply side of the ducts both can have leakage issues. Intake leaks are often worse because they can have adverse reaction on the HVAC unit whereas the exhaust leaks are comparatively less of a problem because they leak a percentage (usually small) of inside air. But of course, all the leaks must be sealed as soon as possible in order to prevent system problems and poor performance.

Condensate Drainage issues are similar to the filters, and with time, drains can get clogged with the all the dirt and algae. If not treated right away, severe leakage can occur and damage the system. Therefore, regular cleaning is mandatory.

Motor Run Modules play a major part in the proper functioning of the system. They help the motors maintain their speed, but sometimes, they can burn out with increased speed. A burnt or swollen module is no good and should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.

Like all the other machinery, HVAC systems need proper maintenance too. In order to avoid spending a huge chunk of money on repairs, you should try to keep the system in check at regular intervals. By routine inspections, you can prevent problems proactively, saving you both time and effort in the long run.