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HVAC Needs for Commercial Office Space

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21 Mar 2017
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Some HVAC companies treat office space the same way they would a residential space. Connect an HVAC system, stick the thermostat somewhere convenient and let it run the way it would in a home. Unfortunately, commercial office space isn’t the same as a residential space. It must often house more people for starters, and its open-air layout doesn’t retain heat as well as a smaller home with sectioned rooms. Then there’s the needs of computer systems and product storage, to say nothing of kitchen or bathroom space if you’re operating a restaurant or a catering business. Furthermore, because businesses often move when they outgrow their space, your average office could host radically different businesses with radically different HVAC requirements in a short period of time. A good heating and cooling company needs to be able to address the unique HVAC needs for commercial office space.

The solution is usually modular HVAC units installed on the rooftop of the office and connected to an existing duct systems. These units are very easy to install and accustomed to running constantly in order to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Moreover, they can be adjusted very quickly to meet changing needs: new units can be added without much fuss and old ones can be taken away if they no longer meet the existing needs of the office in question.

To them, you can add more specific pieces of equipment designed to meet specific needs. They can include chillers, cooling towers, packaged air systems and condensing units. Like modular HVAC units, they are designed for maximum efficiency, as well as flexible installation and removal depending on the requirements of the tenant. This can come as a great boon to office managers, landlords and CEOs alike: allowing them to meet their office’s needs while still remaining within budget.

In these circumstances, it helps to have a company like Texas Central Air that understands the HVAC need for commercial office space in Houston. We understand that offices aren’t the same as homes, and have a wide array or equipment and service options to meet your unique business needs. Call us today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad that you did!


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