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3 Heating Repair Issues to Expect in the Spring

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21 Mar 2017
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It’s been a long winter, and while coastal Texas doesn’t suffer nearly as much as other parts of the country do, we’ve still had our share of chilly patches. Your heater has likely been called upon to perform regularly during the cold months, leaving you little time to contemplate proper repairs. Now that spring is here, you have time to deal with those problems properly. Houston heating repair services are standing by to help with anything you may need. Here are 3 heating repair issues to expect this spring.

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  • Clogged burners. The burners control the lit gas, moving it into the heat exchange where it can warm up the air and eject any trace toxins out of the house. When they get dirty or clogged with gunk, they won’t burn like they should, reducing your furnace’s ability to heat your home and costing you more in monthly bills as it labors to keep up with the demand. A regular maintenance session from a trained professional should be able to address the problem.
  • Blocked air flow. Lowered air flow can stem from a build-up in your line, from a dirty air filter, or even from damage in your duct system. All of them further reduce your heater’s efficiency and all of them require the services of a professional to address.
  • A damaged fan or fan motor. The fan or blower moves heated air from the furnace into your ducts. If the fan motor suffers damage, if the fan belt is loose or if the fan blades themselves are bent or off of their housings, all of that will affect the functioning of your furnace.

None of the heating repair issues to expect in the spring will cause a shutdown, not unless things get far more serious than they typically do. But they can rob your heater of its efficiency, which results in higher monthly bills that can be easily avoided.